Colin Westerfield - Creator/Writer
At a very young age, Colin discovered the annual Twilight Zone television marathon was one of his favorite 'holidays'. Several decades and many Philip K. Dick books later, Colin realized storytelling stitched a powerful thread throughout his life and he began writing in earnest. "White Knuckle Birthday" is Colin's second long-form comic book project.

Mac Cooper - Penciller/Inker
It's neither been confirmed, nor denied, that Mac was born with a pencil in one hand and Bristol board in the other. Mac brings a variety of creative influences to drawing comics; including singing in several a cappella groups and pushing physical limits through the sport of parkour. Graduating with a degree in Studio Art (Drawing Focus) from Lewis and Clark College, Mac sunk his teeth into "White Knuckle Birthday" as his first long-form comic project

Jeff Faraday - Letterer
Whether designing, creating and binding his own books, building bikes from scratch or lettering comics, Jeff loves breathing life into artistic ideas. When not creating, Jeff spends what free time he can find with his amazing wife and wonderful daughters. Jeff took the "White Knuckle Birthday" trip from the ground floor up, lettering the entire book and contributing layout and design ideas throughout the process.